Norma Impulse Reducer Ear Plugs with Cannister

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Product Overview

Norma Impulse Reducer Ear Plugs reduce peak sound pressure levels whenever and wherever you’re shooting, whether you’re at the range or out hunting in the field. With comfortable fit and patented impulse reduction filter technology, you never have to worry about damaging your hearing or hurting your ears. Accoustic filters on these hypoallergenic Norma Ear Plugs are fitted with expertly engineered mesh and ensure that your ears remain well-ventilated and protected at all times.

Originally developed for military use, our earplugs are created with impulse reduction technology and come with an impressive NRR rating of 12 Decibels when used as directed. They are certified for impulse noise up to 166 dB where then the earplugs provide 33 dB of attenuation. When no impulse noise occurs, Norma Precision earplugs provide a low attenuation, permitting surrounding sounds to be heard, so you never have to worry about missing out on a conversation on the range. Plus, by allowing air into the ear to reduce ear canal irritation, the wearer retains sound directionality, especially critical in hunting situations.

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