Sordin Supreme Pro-X Electronic Hearing Protection, Headband, LED Light

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Product Overview

Sordin Supreme has long occupied the position as hunters’ first choice of hearing protection. A key contributor to its legendary status is the superior audio reproduction. The most common feedback from users is their praise for the natural ambient sound reproduction. Ambient sound reproduction means users can hear harmless sound through their hearing protector, all while being safely protected against the harmful noise of surrounding firearms. Ambient sound is picked up by external microphones, processed digitally and reproduced by speakers inside each cup.
The new sound profiles add an extra dimension to the ear pro audio experience – further improving users’ safety and sound while helping them become focused on the shot.

SordinHEAR2 allows adaptation to your hearing needs with a simple press of a button. The new audio system includes 4 new sound profiles, each matching the sound pattern of typical situations that hunters may find themselves in during a day in the field.
Hunting is the main audio profile for general purposes. The sound image is optimized by balancing clear ambient sound such as speech with comfortable low-noise audio.
Shooting is a comfortable profile with lower gain and a narrower audible frequency spectrum. Perfect when normal situation awareness is sufficient, i.e. in shooting training at the range.
Focus is your full alert profile. It features high amplification and a wider frequency spectrum for highest situational awareness.
In Comms, ambient sound is deactivated and your hearing protector uses passive protection only. However, the 3.5mm AUX input is active allowing for clear communication even in noisy environments.

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