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38 Special

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injection molded copper projectile

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Product Overview

Introducing the .38 Special NXD 80gr – a revolutionary self-defense ammunition designed to enhance your tactical capabilities. With an advanced design and innovative features, the .38 Special NXD stands out in the market, delivering unparalleled performance in critical situations.

Key Features:

Precision Design:

  • Cutting-edge Materials: The .38 Special NXD features an innovative Injection Molded Copper-Polymer design, ensuring consistent performance in every round.
  • Three Channels: With three distinctive channels, our ammunition optimizes fluid dynamics for superior terminal performance.
  • Molded Excellence: Meticulously molded, not machined, the .38 Special NXD maintains structural integrity for reliable and precise functionality.


  • Non-Expanding: Engineered as a non-expanding projectile, the .38 Special NXD guarantees reliable performance in various conditions.
  • Lightweight Build: The 80gr lightweight projectile offers reduced recoil for enhanced control and accuracy during rapid-fire scenarios.
  • Increased Accuracy: Our design elements work together to deliver heightened accuracy, empowering shooters to hit their targets with confidence.
  • Fluted Dynamics: Leveraging fluid dynamic principles, the .38 Special NXD ensures 100% energy transfer onto the target, maximizing stopping power.
  • FMJ Feeding: Effortlessly feeds like a Full Metal Jacket (FMJ), ensuring flawless cycling in diverse firearms.
  • Non-Clogging: Designed to prevent clogging, the .38 Special NXD maintains optimal performance even in challenging conditions.
  • Flatter Trajectory: Experience a flatter trajectory path for improved ballistic performance.

Hydrodynamic Ram (HRAM) Principle:

  • Fluid Dynamics Mastery: The .38 Special NXD harnesses the power of fluid dynamics, utilizing the Hydrodynamic Ram (HRAM) principle for a devastating impact on soft tissues or structures.
  • Venturi Effect: Our ammunition leverages the Venturi effect to increase fluid velocity upon impact, generating secondary HRAM events and creating expansive wound cavities in soft tissue.

Unique Target Effect:

  • Strategic Flute Design: Precision flutes on the projectile nose constrict, pressurize, and eject soft tissue fluid, creating substantial damage through secondary HRAM events.
  • Optimal Energy Transfer: Unlike traditional self-defense ammunition, the .38 Special NXD transfers 100% of its energy to the target, ensuring maximum effectiveness.
  • No Expansion Required: Eliminate concerns of clogging with clothing – the .38 Special NXD does not rely on expansion, guaranteeing consistent and reliable performance.

Elevate your self-defense game with the .38 Special NXD, where innovation meets precision for unmatched performance. Invest in confidence, reliability, and stopping power today.

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