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Product Overview

Introducing the .380 Auto NXD 56gr – a ground-breaking self-defense ammunition engineered to elevate your tactical readiness. With its state-of-the-art design and innovative features, the .380 Auto NXD stands out in the market, delivering unparalleled performance in critical situations.

Key Features:

Precision Design:

  • Cutting-edge Materials: The .380 Auto NXD boasts an innovative Injection Molded Copper-Polymer design, ensuring consistent performance in every round.
  • Three Channels: Featuring three distinctive channels, our ammunition optimizes fluid dynamics for superior terminal performance.
  • Molded Excellence: Meticulously molded, not machined, the .380 Auto NXD maintains structural integrity for reliable and precise functionality.


  • Non-Expanding: Engineered as a non-expanding projectile, the .380 Auto NXD guarantees reliable performance in various conditions.
  • Lightweight Build: The 56gr lightweight projectile offers reduced recoil for enhanced control and accuracy during rapid-fire scenarios.
  • Increased Accuracy: Our design elements work in harmony to deliver heightened accuracy, empowering shooters to confidently hit their targets.
  • Fluted Dynamics: Harnessing fluid dynamic principles, the .380 Auto NXD ensures 100% energy transfer onto the target, maximizing stopping power.
  • FMJ Feeding: Effortlessly feeds like a Full Metal Jacket (FMJ), ensuring seamless cycling in diverse firearms.
  • Non-Clogging: Designed to prevent clogging, the .380 Auto NXD maintains optimal performance even in challenging conditions.
  • Flatter Trajectory: Experience a flatter trajectory path for improved ballistic performance.

Hydrodynamic Ram (HRAM) Principle:

  • Fluid Dynamics Mastery: The .380 Auto NXD harnesses the power of fluid dynamics, utilizing the Hydrodynamic Ram (HRAM) principle for a devastating impact on soft tissues or structures.
  • Venturi Effect: Our ammunition leverages the Venturi effect to increase fluid velocity upon impact, generating secondary HRAM events and creating expansive wound cavities in soft tissue.

Unique Target Effect:

  • Strategic Flute Design: Precision flutes on the projectile nose constrict, pressurize, and eject soft tissue fluid, creating substantial damage through secondary HRAM events.
  • Optimal Energy Transfer: Unlike traditional self-defense ammunition, the .380 Auto NXD transfers 100% of its energy to the target, ensuring maximum effectiveness.
  • No Expansion Required: Eliminate concerns of clogging with clothing – the .380 Auto NXD does not rely on expansion, guaranteeing consistent and reliable performance.

Elevate your self-defense game with the .380 Auto NXD, where innovation meets precision for unmatched performance. Invest in confidence, reliability, and stopping power today.

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