.40 S&W Safeguard JHP 180 gr 50 QTY

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Product Overview

Introducing the .40 S&W Safeguard JHP 180 gr – a pinnacle in self-defense ammunition designed to provide unmatched performance and reliability. This cartridge seamlessly integrates a powerful Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) projectile with top-tier Norma brass, offering superior expansion, penetration, and affordability for your self-defense needs.

Like its predecessors in the Safeguard series, the .40 S&W variant ensures consistent, precision-engineered performance, making it a dependable choice for your everyday carry arsenal. Norma’s unwavering commitment to quality control and consistency shines through in every round, affirming the Safeguard by Norma as your trusted ally in critical situations.

Key Features of the .40 S&W Safeguard JHP 180 gr:

  1. Optimal Expansion and Penetration: The Jacketed Hollow Point design guarantees reliable expansion upon impact, optimizing stopping power and enhancing your self-defense capabilities.
  2. Norma Brass Excellence: Meticulously crafted with Norma’s high-quality brass casing, this cartridge embodies precision, reliability, and unwavering consistency.
  3. Versatile Self-Defense Solution: Whether safeguarding your home or carrying for personal defense, the .40 S&W Safeguard JHP 180 gr proves its versatility across various self-defense scenarios.
  4. Powerful Stopping Capacity: Engineered for superior stopping power, this cartridge instills the confidence you need to protect yourself and your loved ones in critical situations.
  5. Quantity of 50: Each package contains 50 rounds of the .40 S&W Safeguard JHP 180 gr, ensuring you have an ample supply of top-tier ammunition for your self-defense requirements.

Elevate your self-defense strategy with the .40 S&W Safeguard JHP 180 gr by Norma. From its precision engineering to its proven stopping power, this ammunition stands as a testament to Norma’s dedication to excellence in self-defense. Trust in the Safeguard series for unparalleled performance when it matters most.

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