New Precision Rimfire Cartridge: Norma Match-22

Savannah, Ga.Norma Precision Inc. is proud to introduce the new addition to their precision rimfire product portfolio, the Norma Match-22 cartridge. Precision meets velocity in this high-performance competition round at a reasonable price. Optimized for rifle performance, Match-22 shoots with consistent precision and remarkable ballistic properties.

The 40-grain lead round nose bullet is designed for competition and training. With consistent performance and great velocity, Norma Match-22 is a carefully selected composition of premium components for perfect balance and great velocity development, from the bullet and selected powder to the highly precise load.

About Norma Precision Inc.

Norma Precision Inc. is a subsidiary of Beretta Holding Company. Norma Precision Inc. brings Swiss, German, and Swedish high technological ammunition offerings to the United States. Combined with disruptive U.S. components and technologies, sales and marketing insights, and strategic partnerships, the Norma Precision Inc. team provides excellent small arms ammunition for use by sports shooters, hunters, law enforcers, and warfighters in the United States and abroad. For additional information on Norma Precision Inc., please visit their website.

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