Norma Precision Introduces New Caliber Offerings for NXD (Non-eXpanding Defense) Ammunition

Savannah, Ga. – Norma USAs proud to announce new caliber offerings for our NXD, or Non-eXpanding Defense, ammunition. NXD ammunition is a revolutionary handgun ammunition product designed for everyday carry and home defense. Norma USA NXD ammunition (“Norma NXD”) is engineered to avoid issues typically found in hollow point ammunition, including clogging and over-penetration. Upon impact, Norma’s NXD unique fluted projectile design disperses fluid naturally found in soft tissue, accelerating to 1.5 to 2 times the initial impact velocity. This velocity is redirected into surrounding tissue to create a larger, more effective, permanent wound cavity.

“Norma is thrilled to introduce new calibers for our Norma NXD to the small arms ammunition market,” said Michelle Owens, Senior Product Manager of Pistol and Revolver at Norma Precision. “We’ve worked hard to develop an innovative product that meets the needs of concealed carry shooters, and we believe expanding the caliber offerings for Norma NXD will only continue to establish this round as the go-to-choice for personal defense.”

Norma NXD has been available in 9mm Luger 65 grain since February 2022. This month, Norma Precision will release a variety of calibers for Norma NXD including .357 Magnum, .38 Special, .380 Auto, .40 S&W, .45 Auto, and 10mm Auto.

For more information about the Norma NXD and Norma Precision, please visit Norma USA.
About Norma Precision Inc.

Norma USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Beretta Holding S.A., a Luxembourg holding company. Celebrating 120 years of providing premium, purpose-built ammunition, Norma Precision has a global reputation for its dedication to quality, precision and reliability. Marketed under the Norma, Norma MLE, and Swiss P brands, Norma Precision products are available to retailers throughout the United States.

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